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It’s New Year’s Eve, and I feel cynical, hurt, and alone.

Happy… I’ve got news for you: you were lied to. There is no such thing as “happy”.

The world operates on money. Or better…it operates on the concept of “what can you do for me “. That is all people care about. What you can do for them. No one loves you. No one gives a damn about you unless you can do something for them.

Love is a joke. The concept that someone would care about you even though you can’t do anything for them is ridiculous. People just don’t operate that way. All you are to anyone as a number…how much money they can get from you, what you can do for them, or what you’re going to cost them.

When they’re done using you, they just cast you aside. You’re yesterday’s news. If you can’t “contribute”, you’re of no use to anyone. No one is going to care about you.

No one does anything for you without expecting something in return. If they do be very suspicious. Somehow, somewhere, sometime…you’ll pay for it.

Neither the world nor anyone and it really gives a damn about you. Once a person “has theirs” all they care about is keeping it, they don’t care about anyone else.

If you think anyone loves you unconditionally…you’re kidding yourself. Everybody wants something. That’s all it boils down to. What you can do for them. If you can’t do anything for them, they don’t give a damn about you. That’s how the world works.

The sum total of human existence is nothing more than a big game of Monopoly. The only reason anyone helps you or expresses any kind of caring about you is so that they can gain something from you eventually.

Welcome to the reality of the world and your fellow man. It sucks, it’s a piece of shit, and you’re in this all by yourself from the moment you’re born until the moment you die. If you think otherwise you’re a naïve fool.

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I’ve been having a real struggle lately…I think I’m severely depressed.

My biggest issue…I don’t feel I have anyone to talk to about it.

My wife feels it’s “my problem” and I need to just take care of it myself.  I feel like I’m a drag to (and imposing on) friends, who have been patient but seem to be tiring of my issues.  So…I can talk to the cats, or the lawnmower.  Or a wall, or something.

I went through a separation (April 2013), and even though we’re back together, things on my end just don’t seem to be getting better.  

I’m unhappy.  I don’t know why.  I just want out…but I don’t know what I want out of.  I’m confused…sad…lack motivation.  

I want someone to just tell me it will be OK.  To say they love me, no matter what, and listen to me as I try to work through my issues.  I want someone to seem like they care.  To just listen…not blame, judge, or anything else.  Just listen.

I want someone to think my feelings are valid, not just “my problem”.  

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I know I’m tired of doing what I’m doing now, of being who I am now.  

Honestly, I just want everything to turn off for a long while.

Posted by: subsailor | April 6, 2013

A long overdue update

I don’t get on here much…however, here’s an update. I’m in a theatre production, and adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”, that was recently selected to represent New Mexico at the AACTFest 2013 Region VI competition. We will be competing against 8 other theatre companies from Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Our show is April 20th at 10 AM at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, LA

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Ever had to deal with it? It stinks.

I’m struggling with dealing with several emotionally disturbing issues right now. Things that I’ve either never had to deal with, or that I don’t recall how to handle (or my old methods are no longer working).

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to sort all of it out. Especially when the one I am supposed to be able to turn to is not willing to listen or help.

Tom Pierce (R)

Dear Tom Pierce,

I was out late last night. Thus I was enjoying sleeping in on a Saturday morning. Having your campaigners (two kids, with an adult out at the street in a pickup truck) ring my doorbell I suppose is understandable…the first time. The second, third, and FOURTH…not appreciated. When I answer the door in a robe, hair disheveled, and obviously sleepy from being woken up, you’d have thought they would have gotten the hint. NOOOO…started peppering me with questions, and when I said “just leave the card on the table” and started to shut the door, THEY RING THE DOORBELL AGAIN to get my attention (ever think there are others in the house?). What did they want? To put up a yard sign. You can imagine what I wanted to say, but as they were kids (looked to be about 8 and 12), I politely said “no, I don’t allow yard signs”.

They finally left, after which I called you, Mr. Pierce. I expressed my displeasure, firmly but (I think) civilly, and indicated that this was NOT the way to win my vote. I then hung up. Get the hint? Don’t friggin’ bother me on a Saturday morning? NOOOO, you didn’t…you called back! Maybe when I answered and told you point blank “I am not voting for you, I don’t want to talk to you, don’t call again, GOODBYE!” you got the hint. At that point, you at least didn’t call again.

Let me clue you in to campaigning, Mr. Pierce…rude campaigning is not the way to win votes. Also, having a date some 4 months in the past on the card your campaigners are handing out really doesn’t help (unless, of course, there is a special election next June I’m not aware of, in which case I’ll mark it down as a chance to vote for any opponent you have).

I do, however, now know your phone number (575-390-8700), so if I ever need to list a phone number for some stupid registration of a product that is sure to get me tons of spam phone calls, I know what to put down. Thanks for that, at least.


Someone who will never support you in an election,

PS: Whoever is running your campaign…fire them. Get someone with a clue. Might I suggest Miss Manners?

Here’s the thing…the court dismissed Armstrong’s case not because they consider him guilty, but rather that the judge doesn’t see this is a court matter. The USADA does not have jurisdiction over cycling…the International Cycling Federation and USA Cycling (which is the authority recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee, and thus the IOC) have authority here. And added to that…Lance has been tested somewhere between 500 and 600 times, in tests recognized by (and conducted by) the USADA and the ICF and USA Cycling. He has never tested positive…not once.

The USADA claims it has evidence in the form of eyewitness testimony. But they refuse to share that evidence.

I’m not saying Armstrong is innocent…or guilty. But I have to agree that the USADA seems to have a vendetta. The standard in drug testing is a positive result, not heresay. I don’t condone doping in sports, but I also don’t see any evidence that Armstrong did so. The USADA has some secretive statements and a TV interview by another athlete who DID test positive and was stripped of Olympic medals. It really sounds pretty specious.

That being said, Armstrong’s quitting the fight here also seems suspect. If I’d won a record 7 Tour de France wins, I’d stop at nothing to keep my wins and reputation intact. I understand the toll it must take, but at the same time his records are the very pinnacle of human achievement in sport. I’d fight to the bitter end if I were innocent.

I suspect there is a truth here, buried somewhere in the muck of all this BS. I wonder if we’ll ever know it?

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Penn State removes Paterno statue

Penn State removes Paterno statue –


A commenter in this article pointed out that it is strange, in a way, that we have statues of coaches/athletes at universities.  Why?  Go to universities abroad…they have statues of famed academics.  Because that is what college is really about…right?  Not that I don’t enjoy collegiate sports (GO GATORS!), but it was the excessive emphasis on, and near worship of, the Penn State football program that led Paterno (and others) to cover up Sandusky’s crimes.  They were far more worried about the image of the football program than reporting a crime and protecting children from a sexual predator.  I think Paterno’s statue, if left standing, would simply embody this further.  Football became the de facto religion of Penn State (and it’s the same at many other universities…or basketball, but same idea).  Protecting the image of that “religion” was more important to them than doing the right thing.  Sound familiar?  Catholic church, among others.  The institution became more important than doing what was right.  A statue to one who was complicit in the coverup only keeps the problem alive.

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Run Freedom Run (Part 2)

PART 2: A short preview of the live performance of “Run Freedom Run” from “Urinetown – The Musical”, currently showing at the Hobbs Community Playhouse. Visit for ticket sales and more information. Three chances left to see “Urinetown”, June 15th, 16th (8 PM), 17th (2 PM)

Video courtesy of Shoshana Howell.

Posted by: subsailor | June 15, 2012

Run Freedom Run

A short preview of the live performance of “Run Freedom Run” from “Urinetown – The Musical”, currently showing at the Hobbs Community Playhouse.  Visit for ticket sales and more information.  Three chances left to see “Urinetown”, June 15th, 16th (8 PM), 17th (2 PM)

Video courtesy of Shoshana Howell.

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